About Page

Lesspapr is an independent online information source dedicated to improving efficiencies by reducing dependency on physical documents.  It inspires professionals with the latest industry news, market updates and innovation. We provide insights on how to move towards a less-paper office using capture solutions, document and content management solutions.

It also provides vendors, resellers and software providers a channel to reach IT buyers and users by informing them during pre-buying cycle.

If your organization is still using paper based processes, you are at the right place. Here you will find solutions which will assist you to move towards a digital flow of paper documents.

how lesspapr was born?

I started my career as an Electronics Technical engineer and I loved what I did.  I believed and understood machine behaviour very well and hence ensured my clients were satisfied with my services.

Over time I became more and more inclined towards customer relationships.  As I started to understand customer behaviours and I came to realise that a machine tech is really a service value delivery business.  The customer does not just want a machine, they don’t even want a machine, they want a beautifully efficient easy system.

After 20+ years I know what it takes to be a document solution provider.

As a business realtionship/ development manager, I’ve had to keep an eye on the market and see how best I can provide solutions to clients.  It is this that makes sustainable money for my organization.

My career has been paradoxical.  By selling and fixing printers and copiers, I have been assisting clients in generating more and more paper.  This costs us trees which will in turn compromise our living environment.  The digital age allows us to use almost the same technologies to save those same trees, as well as improving access and storage of information.  It’s a kind of fun paradox.

But here’s the catch:

Unless somebody from document industry selling those products educates clients during the buying cycle, as part of the sale, it doesn’t happen! The client is inclined towards the solution provided by the vendor…

We cannot and don’t need to remove paper from our work.  We can make our work and our lives  better with smart ‘lesspapr’ solutions.

So this blog shares my experience and provide clients with information on solutions which assist them with the transition from paper to digital.

Thus lesspapr.com is born!